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so beautiful

Full Name- samantha leigh beitler
If you could change you first name What would it be- name parents wanted to name me zoe which i really like or Sean even if i was a girl i would kind of like that name because i think its very unique
Age- fourteen
Birthday- december fourth
Location- new jersey
Sex- female :]
Sexual Orientation- straight
Bands- taking back sunday,me without you,q and not you,atreyu,endwell,motion city soundtrack,the rolling stones,beatles,hidden in plain veiw,plain white ts
Books- perks of being a wallflower,candy,gingerbread,shrimp
TV Shows- degrassi [ im a slave i admit it],music videos,family guy,clone high,futerama,the show biz show with david spade[my uncles show]
,south park,pretty much anything
Stores- urban outfitters,anthropoligie,delias,hot topic,lots of thrift stores,culture catuiore (spelling?)
Movies- garden state,fast times at ridgemont high, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, donnie darko, nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, charlie and the chocolte factory {old and new} ANYTHING tim burton
Foods- pizza [ love love love it] chinese food and this dish my mom makes called fat basterd chicken
Who inspires you and why?- my friend { not metioning her name} because she is really not afriad to be who she is she has a kind heart and is always there for me and shes not aloud to speak her mind and stand up for what she thinks is right
What is your HONEST opinion about LABELS- to be completly honest i dont like lables but once in a while ill let them slip like if i call someone a bitch thats a lable as for punk,poser,scenester,prep lables i try very hard not to use them
i dont want to be labled so i dont think i have a right to lable others
What do you HONESTLY go for in the opposite sex- im not too picky to be honest, i dont care about looks as much as a i do personality i mean looks do count the guy cant be like hanus but i mostly go for a guys nice to be and cares and makes me laugh.
If girl What is your favorite make up brand- mac. i love their stuff their wild colors! AH it makes me happy
Are you colorful in the outfits you pick?- depends on my mood. i know that sounds weird but if im happy ill bust out my neons and if im sad ill wear my favorite black hoodie i guess i like to express my emotion through my colorful clothing
Name 3 of you favorite features on yourself and explain why they are your best.-
i really like my eyes because they're big and brown. in the summer they change colors to a lightish green color and i think they look beautiful
im very nice at times it gets out of hand and i get walked all over but i try to be very sweet to people
im also have a good sense of humor , i know how to make people laugh
If you had the chance what's one thing you would change about youself and why,-
my legs. im very short [5'1] and i love it but because of it my legs are short and i have a long torso and if i could i would want longer legs
Out of all the mods Who do you think is the Prettiest-
not trying to suck up but i think you are all very pretty
Promote this community anywhere and put the link.-
WHY do you think you should be accepted?-i think id fit into this community
POST 5 clear pictures of yourself-
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
old pink hair
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
And for the last Make up a question and put it in your application and maybe if we like it we will use it.

If you have ever been labeled what label? and do you agree?
ive been labled emo many a times because of the music i listen to . i wouldn't certainly agree with them because i dont think i am emo because emo isnt a label its a type of music [ thats my opinion]
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