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So beautiful and a bag of chips (that taste like cumberbuns)

So. Musings and acts of pure boredom lead me to play the superficial card, and submit for the approval, an application to this community. Why might you ask am I doing this? Just to see if I can get in. Nothing more, nothing less. But hey, new things are always fun. More info on me can be found here.

Full Name- David Aaron and something that begins with an R.
If you could change you first name What would it be- D. Just the letter.
Age- 22
Birthday- 02/02/83
Location- Fairfax, VA
Sex- Male.
Sexual Orientation- Straight.
Bands- I hate referring to musical groups as "bands." Makes it sound so underage emo. But for all intensive purposes, I'd never see an actual group perform, I'm not a concert whore. I do however go to clubs and small parties for DJs.
Books- I've recently been reading the Left Behind series.
TV Shows- Anything cartoon network.
Stores- Spencers is my favorite store at the moment, I'm decking out my house with blacklights and other flourescent parephenelia.
Movies- Fight Club would be my fav movie.
Foods- Anything cultural. Sushi, Hummous, Baba Ganoush, Kung Pao, etc.
Who inspires you and why?- My cat inspires me. All she has to do is walk up to me and she gets instant affection, then she goes into the corner and falls asleep. To live that simple of a life is the american dream.
What is your HONEST opinion about LABELS- They're worthwhile for knowing which brand of soup you're buying. ... oh, but I guess you mean the silly pop/punk cultured anti-label type innuendo, right? You can tell who or what a person is generally just by looking at them. ... not what you wanted to hear but I'm not here to please anyone. It's true, this day and age people act and dress their visage. There's always something more hidden though, it's all a matter of if you wanna stick around to figure it out. So labels are good for soup.
What do you HONESTLY go for in the opposite sex- Someone who can keep up with me in conversation. ... oh yeah, eyes.
If girl What is your favorite make up brand- Pssh. :P
Are you colorful in the outfits you pick?- Colorful in the outfits I pick... hmm... I dunno, am I?
Name 3 of you favorite features on yourself and explain why they are your best.- My hands because they type this application to you, my eyes because they see the words so I don't misspell, and my coccyx because it's being used to sit on the chair so I can see what I'm typing.
If you had the chance what's one thing you would change about youself and why,- I'd change the fact that I noticed how this question ends with a comma. I'm a little anal retentive about grammar.
Out of all the mods Who do you think is the Prettiest- uh. That one. *points*
Promote this community anywhere and put the link.- Hmm. Just being in this community is promotion enough, more people read my shit than I have on my friends list.
WHY do you think you should be accepted?- Easy, cause I've never tried one of these little superficial "omg I'm so hot" communities before, so you should pop my cherry in style with a big yes.
POST 5 clear pictures of yourself-

And for the last Make up a question and put it in your application and maybe if we like it we will use it.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
a woodchuck could clearly chuck more wood than i, yet less than a lemur. the actual amount, however, depends upon the skill of the particular woodchuck and its recent caffeine intake. were this a skilled woodchuck, fully hyped after a case of bawls and 3 yellows, it could easily chuck 42 chucks worth. however, were this a lazy woodchuck stoned off its ass, it'd probably just sit about and chuck off.
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